Your complete video conferencing solution.

Share, Grow, Collaborate. 

FIREVideoConferencing™ is the perfect solution for businesses who need to communicate with each other and their clients to build lasting relationships.


Internal & Customer Meetings

Bridge distance while allowing a high level of efficient communication. All part of the platform, no integrations needed.

Support Calls

With an ability to share screens back and forth and the ability to personally support customers around the block or around the world without traveling, FPB video conferencing was built for customer support.


Integrated Solution

All the entities within FIREBusinessPlatform are connected and share common workflow and data. Meetings , like tasks that are related to entities are a part of the record of that entity. Full integration makes sharing entitits during video conferences easy to do. 

Dashboard & Analytics

Create a dashboard with configurable cards. The cards show many aspects and details of Contacts, Campaigns, Meetings, and Tasks. 

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place


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