Why FPB?

Greater visibility, improved decision making, increased productivity, and lower costs. It’s a no-brainer.

Before FIREBusinessPlatform™

Integrating multiple products is complicated, expensive, and frustrating. 

Managing your business this way leads to:

  • Poor productivity
  • High cost
  • Complicated administration
  • Multiple views of the customer
  • Bad customer experience and NPS score
  • Multiple product dashboards and reporting
  • Difficult to scale business execution

No more! FIREBusinessPlatform™ is forging a new future for businesses. 

After FIREBusinessPlatform™

Everything you need to manage communications, marketing, sales, and support, for one affordable price, right at your fingertips. Simplify the complexity, reduce cost, and manage your business with ease.

FIREBusinessPlatform™ leads to:


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Easier administration
  • A single view of the customer
  • Good customer experience and NPS score
  • Holistic dashboards and reporting
  • Scaled business execution

An enterprise class solution on a small business investment.

Start using FBP, fast – no integrations (no IT Dept or nephew).

Spend less money & less time. Unburden your business from unecessary costs and time expenditures.

Easy to use. FBP uses the same User Interface accross all modules. Spend less time learning new, tricky UIs for different products & softwares. 

Great Support. Weekly live group discussions. Get ideas, get help.

Afforable, small-business price. Enterprises spend big money to get & keep these products integrated. You don’t have to.

With the FIREBusinessPlatform™, you can leverage a fully integrated, single solution with common administration, an easy to use interface and a robust set of functionality – all for a fraction of the subscription cost of disjointed solutions.

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work



Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place.




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