Why FIREBusinessPlatform™ for Marketing, Sales and support?

  • Start using faster – no integrations (no IT Dept or nephew).
  • Smaller investment needed for success – time & money.
  • Easier to use on a daily basis – one login/one UI for all modules.
  • Great Support – Weekly live group discussions – get ideas, help
  • Enterprises spend big $$$ to get & keep these products integrated.
  • An enterprise class solution on a small business investment.

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WHY FIREBusinessPlatform™

and not ‘just integrated’? ? ?

Why CRM?

Manage interactions with current and potential customers, drive retention, sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Why Marketing Automation?

Reduce repetitive work, document processes for consistency for constant improvement and to remove errors.

Why eCommerce?

Sell physical, digital and services products online, track sales and inventory 24/7.

Why Platform?

Information from all aspects of interactions makes CRM more effective to get the most accurate picture of who you are dealing with and enable actions to be taken and adjusted.  Marketing campaigns and interactions (opened, viewed, clicked), what was purchased (or just viewed), meetings that have been attended, support requests submitted and the disposition of the issues – if not integrated this information must be gathered from multiple sources and if it cant be gathered easily, the value is lost.  And perhaps even worse, inaccurate information from consoladating mutltiple sources of information.  Information is valuable and typically, the better the information, the more it costs – break that cycle with FBP, 

Why Platform?

Interactions with marketing campaigns should lead to even more valuable interactions and potentially, person to person interactions.  But unless the reports, pipelines etc are closely monitored, the opportunities can go away – they are time sensitive.  Properly done, follow up tasks should be automatically created/assigned to ensure timely follow up and information other than just past campaign interactions should be actionable by the marketing automation, but all interactions including those from eCommerce and from support. And, ideally, not an integration that tends to be ‘one-direction’, keeping multiple disconnected respoitories of contacts information.  You need complete reporting – Awareness to Lead, to Customer to Advocate – in ONE place – easy and actionable..

Why Platform?

CRM and Marketing Automation really have only one goal – to provide a framework to allow a business to gather and qualify leads.  Basically, to sell stuff. It stands to reason that the closer the data, the easier the transition.  That’s why most marketing automation and CRM integrates to eCommerce.  But the problem with integrations is that there are still multiple repositories of information.  Which is the most up to date?  Which is the most accurate.  Its one thing to integrate two products, but when you start trying to integrate multiple products, it gets complex and likely expensive to do and even more expensive to keep it up to date.  And there is still the reporting issue.  Reports are still ‘product by product’.  So often there can be correlations of data that should be simple, but they become complex.

Why Work Collaboration?

Communication, notifications, tracked tasks and common calendar improves efficiency.


Only solution with this combination of tools at this investment level

Why Video Conferencing?

Best tool to bridge distance and maintain clarity of message

Why Platform?

Often work is needed to set up campaigns and all the collateral necessary to run the campaign, not to mention the time spent reaching out and fulfillment of requests (demos, consultations, shipping products and support).  Even with automation, the time can be substantial and should be tracked to see where time is really being spent (time is money).  Only with a platform connected to all the parts can information be determined and evaluated and then used to make thoughtful decisions..  Feedback loops are another aspect of collaboration that is vital to an efficient business, there must be an ability to track feedback/comments against all record types: contacts, campaigns, tasks, landing pages and more – and yes, be notified of updates. 

Not JUST Integrated

FIREBusinessPlatform™  is a purpose built application sharing common components not a group of ‘integrated applications’ each with its own UI’s, usability, data and automation.  Even with the added cost / hassle of adding single sign on app (3rd party tool), still difficult.

Other things ‘integrated apps’ cant do:

Automation across products: information must be integrated into each app for ‘that apps’ automation to work on it – automation does not span products or specific use cases.

Reporting across products:  Separate applicatios can only provide reporting for the data within its own data base, so a single dashboard or reporting across products is impossible without yet another 3rd party application – and these tend to be very expesive and dificult to set up – only used by enterprise size organizations.

Any Cross application use cases

Why Platform?

Most stories told of how meeting requests are generated and tracked involves a lot of cutting and pasting names from multiple sources into the video conferencing tool.  Rarely is the information integrated or even tracked. And when one also looks at the return loop – who attended specific meetings and when – again, the data would be useful but is kept in separate systems – or a search of a calendar takes place.  Imagine clicking on ‘Meeting’ right from a contact record and seeing the compete history of the contact at the same time.

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