Are you a Small Business Owner?

Discover how you can manage all of your business from a single solution while saving your precious money and time.

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FIRE Business Platform (FBP) is the first and only, business automation solution designed with everything necessary for small businesses to market, sell and support customers online.

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FIRE Business Platform will simplify your business

Fire Business Platform Diagram

FIRE Business Platform includes everything a small business needs for one low price.

GROW your business with FIRE Business Platform.

The easiest, most powerful, fully integrated solution on the market.

Simply. Powerful.

Whether you're starting from scratch and have nothing setup to run your business, or you're trying to maintain a collection of tools from different vendors: 

FIRE Business Platform will simplify your business.

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Key FBP capabilities to automate your business:

Fire Business Platform Diagram

FIRE Business Platform simplifies the life of the small business owner, enabling you to focus on your customers rather than struggling with technology.

FIRE Business Platform Key Features

(That's right, you get all of this for one low price)

  • FIRE Business Smart™ Features

FIRE Business Smart features support "Agile" Marketing methodology: create, implement, measure and iterate. Incremental improvements in your business process help to move your business forward towards your goals. Best practices are built in, so that you can start with proven methods. Measure your success against industry benchmarks.

A complete, integrated solution

  • FIRE Campaigns™

FIRE Campaigns are template-based marketing campaigns that are editable and reusable. You can schedule and automate email responses, webpage changes, place online ads, publish blogs, social media posts and even sending ads/snippets to your affiliates to use in their sites/emails.  Then track the response rates from a central console.

  • FIRE Funnels™

FIRE Funnels are automated landing pages that nurture your prospects through the selling process. Simple to setup, we offer a range of editable funnel templates to choose from, or create your own from scratch. Be 'Agile', use as many funnels as necessary in a campaign to achieve your sales goals and do A/B testing for webinar invites, cross sells and up sells.

  • FIRE Best Practices™

You may be a small business, but with FIRE Best Practices you'll be able to compare your business results to industry benchmarks. Armed with that data, you can iterate your programs to achieve your business goals. Benchmarks are consistently updated so that your business can stay on top of the latest trends.

  • FIRE True Cost™ COGS

FBP enables you to consolidate and track your time across all of the various activities, including sales and marketing, fulfillment, customer support, events and tasks. With this data you'll be able to calculate a true cost of goods sold (COGS) by including you and your staffs time spent. This will also allow you to track time across your staff, see what they are spending their time on.  As they say: "Time is money"

  • FIRE Smart Templates™

We recognize that as a small business, you want as much of a head start as possible. So why start from scratch? With FIRE Smart Templates implemented across the platform, you always get a head start. Our templates are pre-filled with YOUR data. Unique step by step wizards collect information from across the platform and enable you to insert customer information into all of the various templates. This includes activities such as newsletters, email notifications, sales confirmations, support tickets, even web pages, etc. Smart Templates amplify your team effort.

  • FIRE KPI's™

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are the cornerstone of managing your business effectively. As a small business owner, who has time to build and update spreadsheets? The goal of FIRE KPI's is to collect the critical data which represents the health of your business from across the platform and present it to you in an at-a-glance portal - and provide highly exact suggestions for improvement - and even an 'Easy' button to start the improvement process. You'll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of things like: webpage visits, ad referrals, product sales/shipments, webinar signups, customer support requests, social media likes, web mentions, etc. AND you can see it and fix it all, anywhere you happen to be, right from the FIRE Mobile application. 

  • FIRE Beacons™

Are you a brick and mortar operation? Do you market at tradeshows or regional events? FBP supports bluetooth Beacon technology.  WIth FIRE Beacons, you can trigger location specific actions for customers on their smart phones. Capture customer leads, offer time-based or event/location-relevant coupons or even sell products to a customer. Then follow up with prospects and customers automatically with FIRE Campaigns. Beacons are a great way to quickly get customers into your marketing funnel.

  • Platform functionality can augment ANY existing website with powerful information capture and campaign automation.
  • WordPress sites can be migrated to FIRE Business Platform. Most standard plugin's will migrate seamlessly.  Note: Some plugin's will not migrate.
  • Unified Data Synchronization - common data for all of the features of FBP is stored centrally so that there is never any data duplication. You get one unified record for each customer which includes all of their history with your company. You'll never be worried about de-duplicating data or cleaning up dirty records again!

Web Presence

  • Domain registration**
  • Web hosting
  • Drag & drop page/site/email builder (no coding)
  • Page/site/email templates
  • Membership sites
  • Search engine optimization

**One .com domain registration included with an annual plan. Other domains available for additional fee. 


  • email accounts
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email & SMS autoresponders
  • Campaign management
  • Newsletters
  • Sales confirmations
  • Special offers

Manage Customers

  • Contact management
  • Online scheduling
  • Purchase history
  • Lead tracking/scoring
  • Full CRM functionality
  • ​Ticketing and customer support
  • check-square-o
    Mobile app for managing on the go!

Market and Sell

  • eCommerce with unlimited products​​​
  • Product catalog, shopping cart & inventory mgmt
  • FIRE Campaigns™ with FIRE Smart Templates™
  • FIRE Funnels™ with FIRE Smart Templates™ 
  • Membership sites
  • Affiliate management
  • Point of sale / payments

Presentations & Video

  • Present live, scheduled or on-demand webinars with call to action right from the webinar screen (can be fee or free for your customers)
  • Online client meetings with web conferencing and screen sharing
  • Learning management system, fee or free. Can be used for internal training or supporting customers (can be fee or free for your customers)
  • Host mastermind communities


  • FIRE True Cost™ COGS
  • FIRE Beacons™
  • Online Calendar with automated appointment / meeting booking
  • Poll/survey collection engine for webinars, web pages, emails, web forms - results automatically tied to your CRM contacts data
  • check-square-o
    Document management - manage and share documents with clients, customers and team members
  • check-square-o
    Task management to help you run your team and keep your work on target

Time is Money

Focus on the critical aspects of your business.

FIRE Business Platform automates the tedious tasks,

so that you can get more done:

  • Marketing automation
  • Business process automation
  • Best practice templates
  • Report generation
  • Analytics console
  • Mobile app management (remote access)
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Automated data synchronization

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FIRE Business Platform is built for your business:


FIRE Business Platform enables you to quickly setup your website or landing page and start capturing leads. Track all of your opportunities in the CRM console. Nurture leads throughout the sales process with email automation that communicates to prospects and customers while you're busy tending to existing clients. Run webinars or web-conferences with your clients throughout a project.

  • Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Accountants & Bookeepers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Consultants
  • Real Estate Brokers


Healthcare professionals often operate with minimal office staff. FBP provides everything you need to (re)schedule clients online and provide online care instructions or lifestyle and rehabilitation tips to help your patients heal quicker.

With eCommerce tools you can easily setup online billing and offer packages & discounts.

  • Medical doctors offices
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Talking Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Spas & Gyms

Home Businesses

Working from home may be your dream job, but struggling to setup your business isn't fun. Your website is your storefront. With FBP you can setup your online store to automate the sales process & communicate with prospects and customers through email campaigns. Support your customers with the FBP customer support console. Manage all of your business when you're away from home with your mobile device.

  • Online Resellers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Woodworkers
  • Handyman
  • Event Planners
  • Collectibles
  • user
Picture of glassblower


Highlight and sell your work online in a beautiful website that illustrates your style and passion. FIRE Business Platform provides a variety of website templates, there's one to match your style. Use the FPB social media automation tools to quickly and consistently communicate with your followers and patrons. Sell your work online with eCommerce tools  and an easy to setup product catalog.

  • Bloggers, Copywriters
  • Authors
  • Artists, Potters & Glassmiths
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Interior Designers

Small Businesses

You are a small business owner because you want to be your own boss. You need to leverage your time and energy to maximize the business. Let FBP automation tools help you by automating customer communication and social media. Track your business performance right from your mobile device.

  • Brick & Mortar Stores
  • Salons
  • Restaurants, Bars & Catering
  • Wedding Services
  • Landscaping, Painting
  • Home Inspections
  • user
    Personal Trainers
  • user
    B&B Operators


Time is your most important asset in a startup. From concept to product sales, you need to leverage scarce resources to get the company boot strapped and producing revenue.

FBP is designed to help you quickly setup all of the systems necessary to run the business, without any of the integration hassles of patching together a collection of point products.

FBP will grow with your business affordably, enabling you to carefully manage precious cash flow while the business grows.

Simply. Powerful.

FIRE Business Platform centralizes all of your business data. Integration and data synchronization are a thing of the past. Information is always up to date.

  • Unified Reports
  • End-to-end Customer View
  • Single Data Repository
  • Powerful Data Reporting
  • database
    Integrated out-of-the-box

Affiliates and Investors

With FIRE Business Platform, our future can be your future.

We want affiliates and investors who see the value in our solution. Make $$ while helping small businesses succeed.

Affiliates and Investors


FIRE Business Platform will grow quickly through word-of-mouth and referrals. We want you to be a part of our success!!

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As an affiliate, you'll earn a recurring commission of 15% over the lifetime of every customer that you refer. The program is absolutely free. There won't be any binding contracts to sign. 

It couldn't be any simpler.

  • Earn 15% of the monthly recurring subscription fees from each of your referrals.
  • Track all of your commissions and referral accounts in your affiliate console.
  • Earn money as long as your referrals remain a FIRE Business Platform customer.
  • Enjoy unlimited earning potential.
  • You will have access to all of our affiliate program marketing & promotional material to use in recruiting and spreading the word.
    Commissions    Limited offer

5 Years

Still on the fence? We're recruiting our early adopter affiliates and as a thank you reward for our early partners, we're offering a limited time offer of an additional 10% on commissions (25% TOTAL) for the first 5 years of your tenure. This offer will disappear once we hit our targets for early affiliate recruiting, so act now! 

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Do you believe in our vision? We are close to delivering our vision. 

$1B+ Market Cap

There is a huge market opportunity for us - other companies with much less functionality and vision (everyone else!) have market caps of over $1B.

Most people never get an opportunity to invest in a great software startup.

We are currently funded at a level to ensure product release, but are looking for an angel or two to help us accelerate our time to market even more and to help us grow faster once the product is released.

Do you have the resources or connections to help us accelerate our vision?

We believe that the FIRE Business Platform offers a unique solution for small businesses, and this market is under-served by any compelling packaged solution currently. There are no current competitors on the market with a similar, complete solution.

  • YOUR rewards will be great.

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FIREBusinessPlatform is forging the future of small business.

FIREBusinessPlatform is the last solution that you'll ever need to run your business efficiently and effectively. . 

We will be launching the solution soon.

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