Are you using tools from different vendors that are not integrated?


It’s HARD, nearly impossible for smaller businesses, to get them to work together

Save time, money, and drive improved execution through a single integrated solution.

Do you use Marketing, Sales and Support technology to its Fullest? Most find it . . .

Too Complicated – 30% say that keeping up with technology is a major concern

Too Expensive – 30% cite cost as a reason why they do not have online presence

Too Hard to Use – 76% report facing ‘challenges’ of complexity

Can you follow your customers history in one place? One login?


Would this save your Marketing, Sales and Support . . .


FIRE Business Platform

F – Flexible

I – Integrated

R – Reliable

E – Easy-to-use

     Most affordable with easy to understand pricing

     Simple to implement, use and administer

     Common UI/UX for excellent usability

     Collaboration throughout for teams

     Single Authoritative Front Office Repository

     One complete view of the customer  end-to-end

     Reporting/Dashboards across entire customer lifecycle

FIRE Business Platform

Your business . . . ON FIRE ! ! !


Discover how you can make your business grow quickly while saving your precious money and time – with a simple, powerful, single solution.

Welcome to the FIREBusinessPlatform™

FBP is a Front Office Platform  - Front Office software is software that has a direct relation to customers - Marketing, Sales and Support

Doesnt it make sense they should all work together easily?


with multiple products


ON FIRE ! ! !

with FIRE Business Platform


Whether you're starting from scratch and have nothing set to run your business,

or your trying to maintain a collection of tools from multiple vendors . . .

Cobbling multiple solutions not explicitly designed to work together will COMPLICATE your business (and your life).

FIREBusinessPlatform will SIMPLIFY your business (and your life).

What is FIRE Business Platform?

Web Editor

Easy to use. Samples get you started, create your own reusable samples, keep your branding consistent. One editor for all: emails, landing pages, blocks and forms.


Fixed duration and ongoing, automated steps based on prior steps (branch/merge), Re-Usable/multichannel add: Email, Social Media, Ads and Links on any site.

Funnel Management

Workflow and tracking. Based on contacts activities in the funnel campaigns they can be moved down the funnel automatically and moved from one campaign to another.


Integrated for seamless management & gain detailed insights into your customers – know who did what and when. With Advanced Funnel Management automatically qualify contacts>leads

Video Conference

Present slides/documents with the ability to ‘draw’ (highlight) or share your screen.  Can also ‘in meeting’ chat. Nothing for guests to download to attend – just click and join. Up to 20 guests. CRM tracks invites, shows, no shows, joins and leaves.

Task Management

Manage teams as well as your time, track time against all marketing work (creating campaigns, emails etc). Manage your contacts – tasks created by contact activity (follow up: email, call, meeting)

Team Collaboration

Teamwork in building/monitoring campaigns, supporting customers – comments associated with every entity and any entity can be monitored for specific changes. Be notified of important changes

Integrates to your email

Use your email account from FBP to send emails to contacts (don’t need to transfer them to your contacts. Insert Links to files (documents) in email and have them tracked (sent and downloaded)

Document (file) Delivery

Emails can deliver requested information automatically, forms can collect contact info and deliver files also. Downloads from forms and emails are tracked.


view and create tasks and meetings, see your tasks, or others tasks and quickly determine when tasks are past due


Configurable cards on unlimited views, to bring all the info together to give you insight (contacts as they relate to meetings, tasks, campaigns, steps etc)

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Web Editor

Campaign Emails: easily create beautiful personalized emails – system provides ‘help’: auto configured GDPR footer, checks for ‘proper’ email structure.

Autoresponder emails: Completely customizable – maintain your company look and feel, dynamic content (personalize “Hi Bob” Thanks for “___”)

Landing Pages: Simple creation paradigm to easily ‘link’ to build marketing funnels easily, EVERYTHING tracked to the campaign and contact

Forms: work with FBP entities (change Leads attributes, create tasks, notifications), no integrations needed


Emails: Multivariate testing (A/B/C . . .), contacts opt in/out by Campaign type (not wholesale opt in/opt out), DKIM/DMARC ensure the Inbox and full GDPR compliance

Social Media: Posts/Ads – track FBP link in your social media platforms – compare messages/audiences across social platforms for what REALLY matters – how many follow the links

Ads (Google etc): organize ads across platforms in FBP and see the results in your campaigns – clicks and submits – FBP helps you organize the links and directs you to place the ads

Links: ‘Anywhere’: add links to your website (and others) and follow the results as part of a campaign or ongoing way to capture information – FBP works with your current web assets

Landing Pages: Simple creation paradigm to easily ‘link’ to build marketing funnels easily, EVERYTHING tracked to the campaign and contact

Forms: work with FBP entities (change Leads attributes, create tasks, notifications), no integrations needed

Advanced Funnel Management

Configurable Funnels: Multiple funnels with up to 20 stages (sales, partners, existing customers etc whatever you want)

Activity based advancement: based on actions, contacts become leads, leads become customers

Don’t overwhelm your audience: Limit the number of emails your leads receive to only the right message at the right time

Automatic Tasks Assigned: Based on activities, system generates tasks (‘call now’, ‘set up demo or consultation’, send info (or they download)

Powerful Workflow: Activities tracked and ‘usable’ in the workflow ! ! ! Know when to make that call


GDPR: with built in ‘Granular opt out’ ensures your contacts don’t opt out to all but have choices based on interest – keeps the contact a contact

Segmentation: Lead Score, Sales Cycle and Campaign Categories are all configurable and changed for contacts automatically by activity) with funnel management

Partners/Vendors: In combination with the other power feaatures (Funnel Management, tasks, tracking) the platform is also very good at developing programs

Reporting: Pipeline / Funnel reports Tied to platform, import/export, lead attribution to the campaign and source

Video Conference

Integrated to CRM: easy to invite, right from your contacts list – activities tracked – more than just meetings – with 10 people, they are mini live webinars ! ! !

Upload for sharing of slides and documents.  Group and private chat and crystal clear audio, while seeing the presenter and guest in video improves communication,  Make it more engaging through sharing of emoji icons in the chat,

Whiteboard: automatically displayed in real-time. Presenters also have the ability draw and write on presentations making your points clearer

Task Management

Manage teams – assign tasks for marketing work and keep an eye on the progress/schedule as well as your own work for proper time management

Tasks can be related to ANY entity in FBP – track time spent, creating an email, creating a campaign, helping a contact etc – know where you are spending your time

Auto created from campaigns and funnel activities allows for consistent follow up and tracking all aspects of service

Provide Support: tasks can be used to place and track service requests by customers, ensuring that they are tracked and accomplished in a timely manner

Team Collaboration

Platform: Several functionalities built into the platform combine to provide a very collaborative environment for internal teams to accomplish work as well as connect to outside people/groups

Commenting/Monitoring: available in all parts of the platform, allows you to monitor important events and keep track of comments or other changes (any changes) – very powerful

Projects: All entities in FBP (contacts, tasks, meeitngs, campaigns, steps, landing pages, emails, etc etc) have tags that allow grouping things together to facilitate group collaboration on projects

Integrates to your email account

Use your email: Simply configure your email account in the FBP and you can send emails to any contact from the FBP using your email address

Track Downloads: Insert Links to landing pages and download documents from email and have them tracked (sent and downloaded) when sent through the FBP – know who got what when and when actioned

Document Delivery

Emails/Forms: Deliver requested information automatically – while collect contact info or not and track downloads from forms and emails

Tracking: From the document (file) side also – know which contact have been delivered and downlaoded specifc files – track contracts and other important files – compliance

This information is tracked (from your email and forms) and can be used in campaigns and funnels management as activities that affect contacts attributes (Lead Score, sales cycle etc etc)


Views: built in calendar allows you to see your tasks, or others tasks as well as meetings (meetings are integrated with ICS to be shown on all calendars)

User Specific: Set up you view to see the items important to you, and color coded to determine when tasks are past due


Unlimited dashboards with configurable cards – set up dashboards for anything that is important to you and easily switch between them (more cards added monthly)

Cards: Show many aspects and details of Contacts, Campaigns, Meetings and Tasks – to help you know what is working best

Who is it for?


FIRE Business Platform enables you to quickly get control of ALL your marketing and start capturing leads.

Track all of your opportunities in the CRM console. Nurture leads throughout the sales process with email automation that communicates to prospects and customers with the right message at the right time,  All while you’re busy tending to existing clients.

Support your prospects & customers with web-conferencing, tasks automatically created by our system to help you keep organized and nothing falls between the cracks and deliver files to your clients/prospects and keep a record of who, what and when actions were taken

– Lawyers
– Architects
– Accountants & Bookeepers
– Financial Advisers
– Consultants
– Real Estate Brokers


Healthcare professionals must operate efficiently all the time to ensure that your patients get all the care and help they need.

Existing patients/clients: FBP can help you provide ‘tracked’ care instructions and improve engagement with lifestyle and rehabilitation tips campaigns to help your patients maintain a healthy life and heal quicker.  And their interaction is tracked. Greater involvement in their care leads to better utilization of services.

Prospective patients/clients you can easily manage all your online marketing – you set it up the way you want it and your office staff get emails and tasks to complete to ‘make it so’. 

– Medical doctors offices
– Dentists
– Chiropractors
– Physical Therapists
– Talking Therapists
– Massage Therapists
– Spas & Gyms

Home Businesses

Entrepreneurs working from home can be a dream job, but struggling to setup your business isn’t fun. Its enough to know your business, its OK to need help with marketing.

Your website is your storefront.

With FBP you can make sure you get more ‘walk by’ traffic to your site.  And you can better utilize the traffic you have and collect valuable contact and lead information so that you dont have to wait for them to come back, you can reach out to prospects and customers to communicate..

Support your customers better with the FBP.  They can communicate questions and issues that can be tracked as tickets.  

– Online Resellers
– Personal Trainers
– Woodworkers
– Handyman
– Event Planners
– Collectibles
– Artisans


Highlight and sell your work online in a beautiful website that illustrates your style and passion.

FIRE Business Platform provides a variety of website templates, there’s one to match your style.

Use the FPB social media automation tools to quickly and consistently communicate with your followers and patrons. Sell your work online with eCommerce tools and an easy to setup product catalog.

– Bloggers, Copywriters
– Authors
– Artists, Potters & Glassmiths
– Photographers
– Graphic Designers
– Interior Designers

Small Businesses

Small businesses often operate with minimal office staff.

FBP provides everything you need to run your business – Market and care for your customers.

With productivity tools you can easily setup and automate many things.

– Brick & Mortar Stores
– Salons
– Wineries
– Restaurants, Bars & Catering
– Wedding Services
– Landscaping, Painting
– Home Inspections
– Personal Trainers
– B&B Operators


Time is your most important asset in a startup. From concept to product sales, you need to leverage scarce resources to get the company boot strapped and producing revenue.

FBP is designed to help you quickly setup all of the systems necessary to run the business, without any of the integration hassles of patching together a collection of point products.

FBP will grow with your business affordably, enabling you to carefully manage precious cash flow while the business grows.

Time is Money


Focus on the critical aspects of your business. FIRE Business Platform makes it easy to automate the tedious tasks, so that you can get more done!


Simply. Powerful.

Set it up . 

Push a button . .

Watch it work . . .

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place


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FIREBusinessPlatform is forging the future of small business.

Saving time, money and driving improved execution through a single integrated solution for your front office.

Keep on the lookout for new features out soon ! ! !

(Starting with fully integrated Ecommerce - at no extra charge ! ! !)

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