FBP for home businesses, Small Businesses, & Startups

Wether your a small brick and mortar, a young but growing company, or an online business, time is your most valuable asset. Let  go of the overwhelm and realize your vision with FIREBusinessPlatform™ .

Grow your business affordably & sustainably.

FBP is an enterprise class solution on a small business investment. Spend less money, waste less time, and grow faster with our robust and comprehenive systems.

Supercharge your Website

Your website is your storefront. With FBP you can make sure you get more ‘walk by’ traffic to your site.  And you can better utilize the traffic you have and collect valuable contact and lead information so that you don’t have to wait for them to come back, you can reach out to prospects and customers to communicate.

Market Better & Sell More


Its enough to know your business, its OK to need help with marketing. FBP will help you develop an efficient, simple, and powerful marketing strategy. Manage and track all of your information on one single platform. Harness the power of marketing automation.

Nurture, Guide, and Support Customers


Support your prospects & customers with web-conferencing, tasks automatically created by our system to help you keep organized so nothing falls between the cracks and deliver files to your clients/prospects and keep a record of who, what and when actions were taken.

Set it up and get it going – fast 

Time is your most important asset in a startup. From concept to product sales, you need to leverage scarce resources to get the company boot strapped and producing revenue. FBP is designed to help you quickly setup all of the systems necessary to for marketing, sales and support, without any of the integration hassles of patching together a collection of point products.

What can FBP do for you?

Sales & Support (CRM)

A robust CRM system makes sales simple. Centralize your information, track everything, and power up your business like never before. 

Video Conferencing

Remove the boundaries of distance, by adding the power of face-to-face video conferencing to all your sales, marketing, support, and business activities.

Marketing Automation


Harness the power of marketing automation and improve your business engagement from awareness, through purchasing to advocacy.


Get your business online quickly and efficiently, and grow sales, through our easy-to-use eCommerce capabilities.  

Collaborative Work Management

Achieve greater efficiency and business velocity by leveraging team collaboration for all sales, marketing, and support activities.

Single Solution

Stop struggling with separate tools to manage your customer engagement!  Save time, money, and drive improved execution through a single integrated solution.

Whatever your vision is, FBP will help you get there.

FIRE Business Platform ™ provides everything you need to track data, capture leads, and nuture customers. Experience business synergy like never before. 

Sound too good to be true? Request a demo! 


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