Close more deals with less work

Centralize all customer interactions while automating marketing, sales and support processes.

Web-based solution designed and created to work seamlessly with all the FIREBusinessPlatform™ modules – specifically to meet the needs of small businesses.

FIRECRMSoftware™ is a key component of the FIREBusienssPlatform™

Old Way . . .

Multiple Products . . .

Challenges Integrating multiple products:

  • Too complicated
  • Too expensive
  • To hard to use

Which leads to:

  • Poor productivity
  • High cost
  • Complicated administration
  • Multiple views of the customer
  • Bad customer experience and NPS score
  • Multiple product dashboards and reporting
  • Difficult to scale business execution

ON FIRE ! ! !

With FIREBusinessPlatform™

Challenges solved: “All-In-One” solution

  • Simplify the complexity
  • Reducing the cost
  • Easier to manage and use 

Which leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Easier administration
  • A single view of the customer
  • Good customer experience and NPS score
  • Holistic dashboards and reporting
  • Scaled business execution


Customers are your lifeblood as a small business. You don’t have time to waste searching for customer contact information or merging and de-duping your contact databases.

FIRECRMSoftware™ centralizes all of your customer contact information, and tracks all of your customer contact history, purchase history, communication and account to-dos.

You can set account alerts and follow-ups so that you’re always on top of providing your customers with the best service possible.


Marketing automation in FIRECRMSoftware™ enables you to nurture prospects while they decide to do business with you. Automation multiplies the effort of you and your team.

You can create marketing campaigns which leverage your advertising across the various social media platforms, all from a central console. With automated lead scoring you’ll have all of the power of Marketing Automation solutions which can cost hundreds more.

Reports and analytics of all of your marketing campaigns are available in the reporting console from your browser.

Customer support

FIRECRMSoftware™ centralizes all customer history in a single database. That means you have all of the interaction history for each of your customers, from the time of their first contact. You can track requests and support tasks to quickly resolve customer issues.

You can define and assign different levels of customer account status, enabling you to sell and support with messages containing the right information at the right time.

Automation can help solve the most common customer issues. You set the escalation process so that urgent customer support task and VIP customers can be handled quickly. Notifications can be setup to alert you or other team members when there is a new support task.

What’s included in FIRECRMSoftware™

Contact Management

Manage interactions with contacts, leads and customers. View all the history in one timeline to improve business relationships, customer retention and ultimately driving growth.

What makes FIRECRMSoftware™ unique is the approach taken to compile data from a range of different communication channels all managed from one login for one low investment, to facilitate learning more about target audiences and how to best cater to their needs.

And remember, FIRECRMSoftware™ manages more than just sales contacts – use it for Partners, VARS and Vendors !

Sales Force Automation

Automatically tracking and recording activities ‘by’ the customer and ‘for’ the customer and automatically generating tasks for every contact based on their sales stage and all interactions.

FIRECRMSoftware™ SFA can ensure sales, marketing and support efforts are not duplicated, and a consistent message is communicated to customers decreasing risk of bad customer service while providing an audit trail (timeline) and facilitating proper follow up in a timely manner.

(See Collaborative Work Mngt to learn more about the capabilites of the tasks)


Segments require different marketing tactics (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), Segments can be ‘self selected’ (age, gender, business type etc), but a very important part is identified based on actual performance and activities.

FIRECRMSoftware™ helps to identify the most engaged (profitable) segments, facilitating development of profiles which can be tested and refined. Insights can be automated with robust IF/THEN rules that change data and place contacts, leads or customers into the ‘right buckets’ ensuring products are presented in a way that best resonates.

Lead Scoring

Rank prospects with an ability to assign values to almost all aspects of contacts, leads and customers activity and interactions.  The resulting score can be useful to help to determine which contacts, leads and customers are more likely to engage or re-engage, in order of priority (but keep in mind Lead Score is just one aspect of segmentation in FIRECRMSoftware™).

Lead Scoring is one of the data points that help a business to customize a prospect’s experience based on his or her buying stage, interest level and greatly improves the quality and “readiness” of leads that are delivered to sales organizations for followup.  FIRECRMSoftware™ lead scores can be adjusted automatically down to the level form types to submitting individual forms. FIRECRMSoftware™ even decrements a score based on inactivity over time.

Lead, Pipeline and Opportunity Management

Lead Management: Generate leads through a variety of marketing campaigns / programs.  Align  outgoing marketing and the incoming responses to that marketing.   Set up processes for B2B and B2C strategies.  Create profitability through new customers, existing customers, and creating a market brand.  Create an ordered structure for managing volumes of business inquiries (leads) by shifting much of the manual workload to automation systems.  Seemingly simple the processes can be quite complex, with potential outcomes both good and bad. There is always the opportunity to handle interactions correctly or mishandle in a way that reduces or destroys its future potential value – FIRECRMSoftware™ lets you codify good process.

Pipeline Management: Set up multiple funnels as needed for complex/more costly products that require much nurturing and simple/less costly products that don’t. and understand your pipeline for each.  Also set up funnels to create a pipe like for other business relationships like vendors and partners.  This allows more than direct sales, but a tool also usable by business development and will all the reporting capabilities Business Development can be planned and monitored from the Lead, Pipeline to Opportunity perspective like sales.

Opportunity Management:  Maintaining data about sales and opportunities helps to identify an accurate sales pipeline and leads to sales forecasting. Set up funnels and IF/Then rules to support, track and manage the execution of a sales process to close more sales.  Keep all important information in one place, easy to see and access.  Over time optimize the sales process and improve win rates,  Focus the work efforts on opportunities that matter the most.

Sales Forecasting

With information about leads, pipeline and opportunities, all in FIRECRMSoftware™, a very accurate sales forecast is possible to give excellent insight in to sales forecasts.  And by adding in costs and time tracking (all the data in one system) allows for much better vision into resource use/costs allowing much better planning of all your resources.

Sales Analytics

FIRECRMSoftware™ as part of the FIREBusinessPlatform™ has an ability to combine and view data to see relationships and correlations from across the marketing, sales and support spectrum allowing insights to be drawn that few other systems can accomplish, and none at a similar investment point.



Get up and running quickly with a versatile import capability that allows you to map field to field and bring in values and set default values.Tags are not only supported in FIRECRMSoftware™ contacts, but you can import fields with multiple values allowing you to bring in ‘tags’ and all the history you need to have a fast start. 

Integrated Data

FIREBusinessPlatform™ delivers integrated data to smaller businesses like systems with much higher investment and those in use in enterprise organizations where the investment would be far above and beyond what any small business can afford.  FIRECRMSoftware™ and all the modules share a common repository making relationships between records simple and easy.  Set up a campaign – add tasks to the calendar, assign those tasks to the team, attach documents to add clarity to the request, set up a meeting to discuss, all with just a few mouse clicks thanks to the level of integrated data -and look at the status at any time,


Email Integration

Use your email from anywhere within the FIREBusinessPlatform™.  Select multiple contacts and send them all a separate/distinct email – from you to them and add personal information with merge tags (just like in ‘campaign emails’  Hi “{first Name}” ).  Simply configure an email account in the platform and start sending emails to any contacts using that email address. Also easily email the ‘assigned to’ of any record (contacts, tasks, meetings, campaigns, steps, ads, posts, landing pages, blocks, forms, campaign emails, files) to make team communication and collaboration efficient.



Customer Support

With multiple channels to disperse information and provide help FIRECRMSoftware™ as part of the FIREBusinessplatform™ is uniquely positioned to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct use of products (assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and even disposal of a product).  Customers can submit tickets that that create tasks for the support staff – and the support staff has access to video conferencing to answer questions one to one or one to many and can even utilize the marketing automation functionality to create helpful DRIP emails to help

Quotes, Invoices & Payments

Ecommerce will be added to the platform in a few weeks – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! This will allow some great things in regards to selling products: Physical, Digital, and Services.  Send quotes and upon acceptance, invoices will automatically be sent that the customer can pay with a click.  All tracked (where the contact originally came from, all their activity, and even meetings they attended.

Partner/Vendor Mngt

Many businesses understand the importance of partners, VARS and vendors in the growth strategy of their business. They can literally expand your business into new areas where you may not have the expertise and further extend your reach into your current bases.  While most businesses see the value of building funnels for sales, fewer do this for partners, VARS and vendors.  Campaigns could and should be set up to grow these resources too.   The powerful combination of features in FIREBusinessPlatform™ make it the tool of choice to market, sell and support these relationships.


FIREBusienssPlatform™ provides a dashboard with configurable cards – set up multiple dashboards for anything that is important and easily switch between them, more cards added monthly – and yes, we are taking requests!

The cards show many aspects and details of Contacts, Campaigns, Meetings, and Tasks – to help you know what is working best.


Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place

FIREBusinessPlatform™ is forging the future of small business.

Saving time, money and driving improved execution through a single integrated solution for your front office.

Keep on the lookout for new features out soon


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