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Complete marketing automation solution for small business.

Perfect solution for small businesses who need to communicate with their clients, build up a list, drive traffic to their website and provide support.

FIREMarketingAutomation™ is a key component of the FIREBusinessPlatform™

Old Way . . .
Multiple Products . . .

Challenges Integrating multiple products:

  • Too complicated
  • Too expensive
  • To hard to use

Which leads to:

  • Poor productivity
  • High cost
  • Complicated administration
  • Multiple views of the customer
  • Bad customer experience and NPS score
  • Multiple product dashboards and reporting
  • Difficult to scale business execution

ON FIRE ! ! !
With FIREBusinessPlatform™

Challenges solved: “All-In-One” solution

  • Simplify the complexity
  • Reducing the cost
  • Easier to manage and use 

Which leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Easier administration
  • A single view of the customer
  • Good customer experience and NPS score
  • Holistic dashboards and reporting
  • Scaled business execution


Emails: setup a monthly newsletter or a set of interactive email responses to greet a new email subscriber/customer, or a full-on 25 step campaign with multiple emails to run over months.   NOTE: PURCHASED EMAIL LISTS ARE FORBIDDEN (see Terms and Conditions) 

Social Media: setup posts/ads and it’s easy to post and track results. Works across any social media platform.  Platform tracks links clicked and submitted forms and allows you to compare results across campaigns and social media platforms.

Your Website: add links to landing pages and forms to your website for special promotions or to gather information. Follow all the results in the platform.

Non-Digital: Manual steps allow you to track ‘non-digital’ aspects of campaigns (i.e. get the booth for the trade show) and track the work (time and costs) in the platform.

Landing Pages/Forms

Landing pages and forms are a key part of any web-based customer acquisition strategy and every business needs a plan and a method to acquire new customers.

Landing pages are where prospects “land” when then click on an advertisement or a web search. There is both and art and a science to the formatting of a landing page. Optimized landing pages quickly communicate the value to the prospect.

Forms allow information to be added into the platform – new signups, updates of information, requests for info, demos and support.

A successfully marketing campaigns combines both a powerful email/post/ad message and a compelling landing page.


Conceptually, a funnel is the process of converting a prospect to a customer. At each step of the conversion process you need to modify your communication to fit the step in the process. Miss a step and you risk losing the sale.

FIREMarketingAutomation™ provides tools that attack new prospects and then nurture them all the way through the sales funnels – or allows them to buy directly from any stage of the funnel.

Manage all social media posts; setup marketing /advertising campaigns; communicate to prospects via email; track prospect interactions and sell online.

FIREBusinessPlatform™ is the most complete solution for small businesses to do everything they need to interact with customers online – for the least investment.


What’s included in FIREMarketingAutomation™

Campaign Management

Campaigns can Market, Sell and Support.  Building a list and selling? Think more broadly with FIREMarketingAutomation™.  Remember that campaigns are designed to reach PEOPLE and people can benefit any business in many ways. Think about groups other than typical customers. Expand your view.  What about the partners, VARS and vendors needed to fill out a robust ecosystem and extend reach to grow business.  What about once the sale is made? When a contact/lead becomes a customer? Campaigns can be set up to teach and provide info to help get the most out of products, making customers, advocates and ensuring the most value is derived from products.  Customers are more likely to stick around when they get the most value from a product. Campaigns can be set up for virtually any communication goal – to virtually any target.  FIREMarketingAutomation™ supports all these use cases with ability to configure many separate funnels and stages and advanced funnels and funnel rules.  Simply.  Powerful.

Email Marketing:  easily create beautiful personalized campaign emails. Built in GDPR compliant footer and contact collection methodology requiring validation built into all forms, multiple opt in/opt out, DKIM/DMARC wrapper, constant monitoring of email blacklists all lead to a system where its simple to creates a beautiful email – with no headaches.  All the rules, connections and back end are automatic. NOTE: PURCHASED EMAIL LISTS ARE FORBIDDEN (see Terms and Conditions)

Social Media Marketing: Schedule, launch and run posts/ads across all of your social media networks in FIREMarketingAutomation Its made easier with reusable components.  Keeping posts/ads consistent and on a regular schedule.  Tie a unique landing page to each social media source and track the results from those pages – operate it all from a central dashboard, without having to login to each social network. Track the success of each campaign and quickly replicate the best ones to other social media channels and ads.

Web Site Marketing: Add links to landing pages/forms to your website and follow the results as part of a campaign or ongoing way to capture information.  FIREMarketingAutomation works with all your current web assets.

Non Digital Marketing: Manual steps are supported ! ! !  Lets face it, often there are other aspects of campaigns that need to be tracked (time spent and costs accumulated).  With this added step type, FIREMarketingAutomation can include non digital aspects in the ROI (CAC).

Practical Example: SBA2020Tradeshow can be set up as a Campaign Category and have many Campaigns associated with it.  Email (to all your current subscribers), social media (FB, LinkedIn etc and potentially in the exposure get new subscribers), website (place information on website and link to landing page – again exposure could lead to new subscribers) and even booking the booth and signing the contract (delivered by and stored in FIREBusinessPlatform of course!). And at the end of the day you can track all the campaigns responses individually or as a group (category) and determine how much time was spent accomplishing all the work (even designing the emails/landing pages etc) and see all the costs roll up to know if you are in budget.


Edit EVERYTHING ! ! ! Reusable and clone-able components and pages (landing and email), WYSIWYG, drag and drop make for an almost fun experience.  With the re-use allowed branding consistency is controlled and after the first of anything is created, subsequent iterations are very fast. Favorites and templates can be saved as ‘My Samples” for future use. 

Learn only ONE editor: Campaign Emails, Auto-response Emails, Landing Pages and Forms

Landing Pages

Simple to create using FIREWebEditor™ Use consistent building blocks and maintain a consistent brand and experience.  And everything is integrated so linking landing pages from any other entity in FIREBusinessPlatform™ is as simple as selecting it from a dropdown list.

Build pages and funnels quickly.  EVERYTHING is tracked to the campaign and contact


In FIREMarketingAutomation™ forms have a very powerful role to play.

Forms collect info and in addition they can change subscribers attributes (lead score, sales cycle and many more), create tasks allow information to be downloaded and all tracked, no integrations needed.  Know who did what and when.

Audit and Compliance.

Lead Score

Rank prospects with an ability to assign values to almost all aspects of contacts, leads and customers activity and interactions.  The resulting score can be useful to help to determine which contacts, leads and customers are more likely to engage or re-engage, in order of priority (but keep in mind Lead Score is just one aspect of segmentation in FIRECRMSoftware™).

Lead Scoring is one of the data points that help a business to customize a prospect’s experience based on his or her buying stage, interest level and greatly improves the quality and “readiness” of leads that are delivered to sales organizations for followup.  FIRECRMSoftware™ lead scores can be adjusted automatically down to the level form types to submitting individual forms. FIRECRMSoftware™ even decrements a score based on inactivity over time.


Funnels are arguably the least understood concept in marketing.

Quite simply a funnel is a set of steps a visitor goes through to complete a conversion.  And while it would be nice to have a simple product that people just swoop in and buy – often visitors need to follow a path to product enlightenment.  This means that usually, you create campaigns that are targeted to the level of interest: awareness, interest, consideration, loyalty or advocacy – each with conversions along the way: give up their email, request info, request a demo or even buy the product, the best/most desired conversion outcome.

With configurable funnels and multiple funnels that can be put together from reusable components its easy to build out a strategy to engage, monitor and move people to the next level of interest – leading to the desired outcome . . . a customer.

Advanced Funnel Management

As described in “Funnels” your goal is to move visitors down the funnel from awareness to advocacy.

FIREMarketingAutomation employs a powerful form/activity based funnel advancement workflow that automatically removes subscribers from some campaigns and adds them to others so they are not overwhelmed by emails.  The number of emails they receive is limited to only the right messages at the right time – based on advancement down the ‘interest funnel’.

Segmentation: Lead Score, Sales Cycle and Campaign Categories are all configurable and changed for contacts automatically with advanced workflow rules.  In addition these rules allow tasks to be automatically created and assigned based on activities and interest level.  The system generates tasks: ‘call now’, ‘set up demo or consultation’, send info (or they download) – all at the right time.

Multivariate Testing

A/B testing is the practice of generating two or more different versions and then randomly sending visitors to the variations to test conversion success. With the data from an A/B test, you can optimize your landing page content and convert more sales.

Multivariate (A/B/C . . .) testing is built-in to the solution and easy to add to any email campaign and enables you to quickly setup and track tests on your content. Analytics shows which works better and in the near future even more insight will be added.  Within the A/B groups which attributes of subscribers were correlated to the desired conversions in which versions.  It is entirely possible that a certain group of subscribers within the A or B group are a better target market.

Valid Contacts & Delivery

Contacts: FIREMarketingAutomation™ employs the latest hidden CAPTCHA technology to foil spam bots – more advanced and effective than the hidden field (honeypot) technique. And to make sure if a human enters useless, invalid info no effort is wasted all emails addresses are automatically validated before the subscriber is created.

Delivery: FIREMarketingAutomation™ uses the latest DKIM, DMARC and SPF practices making the inbox the most likely place for all emails to end up. If Custom Domain Authentication is desired, there is help for a nominal fee. Additionally, in the footer of every campaign email sent there is a link “Add to Address Book”, leading to instruction page to add the email address to the address book.

Opt Out Recovery

FIREMarketingAutomation™ has a novel approach subscribers  opting in/out.  We call it “Individual Opt in/out” and very few vendors do this yet.  Accounts are provided with up to 20 opt in/out categories. Subscribers are opted in and when they are opt out are given opportunities to select which category to opt out from.  It is recommended to name the categories with a frequency to help the subscriber make an informed decision.

Also provided is a simple way to bring opted out subscribers back through the integration with an email account. Select multiple users and send each a personalized message (using merge tags).  Each email is individual and provides an opportunity (link) to opt in again if desired.

Autoresponse emails

When a subscriber submits any form the autoresponse emails are all completely customizable so they can maintain your company look and feel, and contain dynamic content (personalize “Hi Bob” Thanks for “___”).

As with all emails, they can be cloned to same time and they utilize the same set up building blocks, further helping to enforce your branding identity.


Campaign Analytics

The FIREBusinessPlatform™ analytics module is integral and centralized for all of the FIREBusinessPlatform™ capabilities. You can quickly track everything across all the modules.  Marketing campaigns, landing page tests and product sales and all related to subscribers. It’s all in one reporting console that keeps all of the important business data right at your fingertips.

GDPR Support

FIREMarketingAutomation provides GDPR Support.  Opt outs can only be reversed by the subscriber.  Platform users can export subscriber data should they receive a request to see what information is contained in the platform.  Subscriber data can be deleted from the platform. by the user.  But note that deleting subscriber data will make the analytics less accurate.

Survey and Polls

SOON . . . .Setting up a landing page to poll/survey visitors/subscribers will be easily accomplished. You can use a polls to help modify an offer for a customer, or gather valuable information to help you better understand your audience.

Polls/surveys will be built into Forms and will support a variety of question / data  types.  Data collected can be aggregated anonymously to help you track visitor needs and trends over time and even displayed through a widget. AND the data will be related to subscribers so that it can be used in email campaigns (filter subscribers who answered Yes to ?#5) and even be used in the merge fields (“People that make over {monthly_income} should consider)

Unified Contact DB

Every FIRE Business Platform solution (e.g. FIRE Business Funnels) is built on top of a single data repository, so all of your data works together without the need for custom integration. There’s never any data duplication or replication, which saves you hours in maintaining your precious customer data. Your data is backed up regularly and can be restored at any time.

Central data repository integrated and shared across all FIRE Business Software solutions

​​Automated data backup

Consolidated reporting dashboard to quickly check on all of the trends with your business.


FIREBusienssPlatform™ provides a dashboard with configurable cards – set up multiple dashboards for anything that is important and easily switch between them, more cards added monthly – and yes, we are taking requests ! ! !

The cards show many aspects and details of Contacts, Campaigns, Meetings and Tasks – to help you know what is working best.

Reporting: Pipeline / Funnel reports Tied to platform, import/export, lead attribution to the campaign and source

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place

FIREBusinessPlatform™ is forging the future of small business.

Saving time, money and driving improved execution through a single integrated solution for your front office.

Keep on the lookout for new features out soon

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