Powerful marketing automation for small businesses. Save time & money, boost engagement, and increase your reach.

Simply. Powerful.


Campaign Management

Email, social media, web site, and non-digital marketing, all in one single platform. 


Email Marketing

Includes an easy-to-use Web Editor to create beautiful and on-brand email templates, Valid Contacts & Delivery, Opt Out Recovery, Autoresponse Emails, GDPR Support, and more!


A funnel is the process of converting a prospect to a customer. At each step of the conversion process you need to modify your communication to fit the step in the process. Miss a step and you risk losing the sale. Your powerful marketing strategy starts here.

Integrated Data & Email Integration

FBP’s Integrated Data makes relationships between records simple and easy. Set it up quickly by easily importing and exporting data. Use your email from anywhere within the FIREBusinessPlatform™.

Dashboard & Analytics

Robust pipeline & funnel reports. Lead score generation, powerful Segmentation, Lead Attribution, Multivariate Testing, and more. Create a dashboard with configurable cards to better understand and manage contacts, tasks, meetings, appointments and campaigns.

Landing Pages/Forms

Landing pages and forms are a key part of any web-based customer acquisition strategy. See what a powerful ad message and compelling landing page can do for you.

Surverys & Polls coming soon, too!

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place


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