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FIREVideoConferencing™ provides a complete video conferencing solution for businesses.

FIREVideoConferencing™ is the perfect solution for businesses who need to communicate with each other and their clients to build lasting relationships.

FIREVideoConferencing™ is a key component of the FIREBusinessPlatform™

Old Way . . .
Multiple Products . . .

Challenges Integrating multiple products:

  • Too complicated
  • Too expensive
  • To hard to use

Which leads to:

  • Poor productivity
  • High cost
  • Complicated administration
  • Multiple views of the customer
  • Bad customer experience and NPS score
  • Multiple product dashboards and reporting
  • Difficult to scale business execution

ON FIRE ! ! !
With FIREBusinessPlatform™

Challenges solved: “All-In-One” solution

  • Simplify the complexity
  • Reducing the cost
  • Easier to manage and use 

Which leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Easier administration
  • A single view of the customer
  • Good customer experience and NPS score
  • Holistic dashboards and reporting
  • Scaled business execution

Internal Meetings

The Continuum . . .

  • Email –  slow, text only, paper trail, distance no issue
  • Messaging – faster feedback, text only, paper trail, distance no issue
  • Phone Calls – real time, verbal, no paper trail, distance no issue
  • Video Conference – real time, verbal, visual cues, paper trail, distance no issue 
  • In Person – real time, verbal, visual cues, no paper trail, distance is an issue

A solid way to bridge distance while allowing a high level of efficient communication – all part of the platform – no integrations needed.


Customer Meetings

Same logic as above . . .

You want to meet in person, but with travel time and distance it can be time consuming, inefficient if not down right impossible.

Seeing one another in live video puts a face to a name.

With visual cues available it is always a better conversation and communication is better – easier to know when a point is made clearly or if there are questions.

Support ‘Calls’

Seeing a trend here 🙂

With an ability to share screens back and forth and the ability to personally support customers around the block or around the world without traveling, video conferencing was built for customer support.

When you combine the built in tracking – integrated to the contact record (who did that when) and the entire platform – this use case alone justifies the low investment needed to get started . . .

What’s included in FIREVideoConferencing™

Meeting Management

Easy to invite, right from contacts list or calendar – with up to 20 people. Setup & host a video conferences with customers for marketing, sales and support and training.

Notifications are automatically sent to attendees with event login information – and show on their calendar. There is no integration required. You’ll be able to quickly setup, schedule and run video conferences (spoiler alert, soon with online appointments/event management anyone can set up a meeting at open slots you designate in your calendar – fee or free, from one person to 20).

After a conference, you can review all of the attendee data – activities tracked and recorded for all attendees:  joins, leaves.

Recurring conferences are supported.

Live Webinars

More than just meetings – with up to 20 attendees, they are live webinars ! ! !

Utilize native, integrated functionality from  FIREMarketingAutomation™ to enable marketing and signups for the event and send automated notifications to attendees prior to the scheduled event.

Present live to your audience and handle Q&A while the event runs (verbal or have a teammate monitor the chats). Who said you couldn’t do it all?

Close the deal during the webinar

Close the deal by inserting a clickable link into the chat screen during the event. Enable your customers to buy during the webinar at special savings by including special discounts when they “buy now”.

Share Screen/ Presentations

Setup and host two-way, live video web conferences or consultations with your clients. Now you can meet your clients in real-time regardless of where they are located. 

During live meetings attendees can ask questions to the presenter, or in a separate Q&A window, respond to questions either in the live video, or through the chat interface.

Share your screen or allow your guest to share their screen.  Upload a presentation for sharing of slides and documents.  Group and private chat and crystal clear audio, while seeing the presenter and guest in video improves communication.


Attendee chatting Attendees can chat with host.

Make it more engaging through sharing of emoji icons to show status.

Whiteboard is automatically displayed in real-time.

Presenters also have the ability draw and write on presentations making your points clearer.

Mobile Support

Fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices,

Attendees and hosts can attend when and where they want.

Utilizes video camera.

Around the block or around the world – be a part of the meeting.

Calendar Integration

Host and attendees will see the meetings on their day to day calendar (people often use Google calendar for a day to day aggregator of events).

All meetings show in the FIREBusienssPlatform™ Calendar. And platform users can filter calendar to see what’s important to them

On personal calendars only see meetings you are invited to, or host.

Time Tracking

If tasks are used, and since they can be related to any record, it gives great power to understand time.

Meetings also have a ‘time spent’ attribute to track the time in meetings and/or total time spent in meetings and preparing. Best practices is to associate a task to a meeting to account for preparation time and it can then be tracked separately.

Integrated Solution

All the entities within FIREBusinessPlatform are connected and share common workflow and data.  Meetings , like tasks that are related to entities are a part of the record of that entity.

For instance, a support meeting for a customer is part of their history that is easy to look up.

Time can roll up to any entity

All fully integrated.


FIREBusienssPlatform™ provides a dashboard with configurable cards – set up multiple dashboards for anything that is important and easily switch between them, more cards added monthly – and yes, we are taking requests ! ! !

The cards show many aspects and details of Contacts, Campaigns, Meetings and Tasks – to help you know what is working best.

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place

FIREBusinessPlatform™ is forging the future of small business.

Saving time, money and driving improved execution through a single integrated solution for your front office.

Keep on the lookout for new features out soon.

We respect your privacy and promise never to share or sell your contact information. See our privacy policy for more details.


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