So you have a website?  Just sitting there . . . now what?

SUPERCHARGE your website.

Easily add integrated CRM, Marketing Automation and eCommerce to ANY website (or social media account)

Single solution for Marketing, Sales and Support

Discover how you can make your business grow quickly while saving time and money.

Turbocharge customer experience

Everything you need to manage your customer interactions in marketing, sales and support.

Grow sales with marketing automation

Harness the power of email marketing to drive awareness, influence, and demand to support closing more business.

Execute business goals through advanced task management

Improve efficiency, drive accountability, and effectively communicate via business collaboration.

Effectively communicate with prospects, customers, partners and staff

Drive scale to your business and remove the friction of remoteness, by empowering face-to-face communication with video conferencing.

Easily get your business online

Leverage the power of eCommerce to sell your products and services online.

Flexible.  Integrated.  Reliable.  Easy.


What can you do with the FIREBusinessPlatform™?

Leads to Customers . . . SELL stuff ! ! !

Everything you need to manage and automate:

» Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

» Marketing Automation – Single, Multi-step/trigger campaigns.

» Forms/landing pages/emails (WYSIWYG/Drag&Drop Editor).

» Collaborative Work Management for teams/time management.

» Video Conferencing / Webinars / Meetings (integrated calendar).

» eCommerce – Store, catalog, shopping cart, invoicing, SOW’s .

Sales & Support (CRM)

Establish and organize your businesses’ customer and contact information, which is the cornerstone to sales, marketing, and support activities. 

Marketing Automation

Harness the power of marketing automation and improve your business engagement from awareness, through purchasing to advocacy. 

Collaborative Work Management (CWM)

Achieve greater efficiency and business velocity by leveraging team collaboration for all sales, marketing, and support activities.

Video Conferencing

Remove the boundaries of distance, by adding the power of face-to-face video conferencing to all your sales, marketing, support, and business activities.


Get your business online quickly and efficiently, and grow sales, through our easy-to-use eCommerce capabilities.  

SINGLE Solution

Stop struggling with separate tools to manage your customer engagement!  Save time, money, and drive improved execution through a single integrated solution.

How can it help ME?

How do you manage your customer interactions?

My business needs to have a complete view of its customers. For example, we have several tools that provide fragmented and incomplete visibility to when they became contacts, what campaigns they have seen and interacted with, our communications and meetings with them, the costs & time spent and their support issues, and other key interactions.

Businesses struggle today to manage their interactions with customers. Oftentimes, they cobble together a combination of “free” and paid tools which results in a silo’d, overpriced, and inadequate experience. This leads to a poor overall customer experience, which ultimately has a profound impact on the success of your business.

With the FIREBusinessPlatform™, you can leverage a fully integrated, single solution with common administration, an easy to use interface and a robust set of functionality – all for a fraction of the subscription cost of disjointed solutions.

Who is for?


FIREBusinessPlatform™ enables you to quickly get control of ALL your marketing and start capturing leads.

Track all of your opportunities in the CRM console. Nurture leads throughout the sales process with email automation that communicates to prospects and customers with the right message at the right time,  All while you’re busy tending to existing clients.

Support your prospects & customers with web-conferencing, tasks automatically created by our system to help you keep organized so nothing falls between the cracks and deliver files to your clients/prospects and keep a record of who, what and when actions were taken.

– Lawyers
– Architects
– Accountants & Bookeepers
– Financial Advisers
– Consultants
– Real Estate Brokers


Healthcare professionals must operate efficiently all the time to ensure that your patients get all the care and help they need.

Existing patients/clients: FBP can help you provide ‘tracked’ care instructions and improve engagement with lifestyle and rehabilitation tips campaigns to help your patients maintain a healthy life and heal quicker.  And their interactions are tracked. Greater involvement in their care leads to better utilization of services.

Prospective patients/clients you can easily manage all your online marketing – you set it up the way you want it and your office staff get emails and tasks to complete to ‘make it so’.


– Medical doctors offices
– Dentists
– Chiropractors
– Physical Therapists
– Talking Therapists
– Massage Therapists
– Spas & Gyms

Home Businesses

Entrepreneurs working from home can be a dream job, but struggling to setup your business isn’t fun. Its enough to know your business, its OK to need help with marketing.

Your website is your storefront.

With FBP you can make sure you get more ‘walk by’ traffic to your site.  And you can better utilize the traffic you have and collect valuable contact and lead information so that you dont have to wait for them to come back, you can reach out to prospects and customers to communicate..

Support your customers better with the FBP.  They can communicate questions and issues that can be tracked as tickets.

– Online Resellers
– Personal Trainers
– Woodworkers
– Handyman
– Event Planners
– Collectibles
– Artisans


Highlight your work online in beautiful emails that illustrate your style and passion.

Use FPB Landing pages from your social media to quickly and consistently communicate with your followers and patrons.

es to your clients/prospects and keep a record of who, what and when actions were taken.

– Bloggers, Copywriters
– Authors
– Artists, Potters & Glassmiths
– Photographers
– Graphic Designers
– Interior Designers

Small businesses

Small businesses often operate with minimal office staff. Tasks, both manually and automatically created can help to organize and track the work to ensure everything that needs to happen, does.

FBP provides everything you need to run your business – Market and care for your customers.

– Brick & Mortar Stores
– Salons
– Wineries
– Restaurants, Bars & Catering
– Wedding Services
– Landscaping, Painting
– Home Inspections
– Personal Trainers
– B&B Operators


Time is your most important asset in a startup. From concept to product sales, you need to leverage scarce resources to get the company boot strapped and producing revenue.

FBP is designed to help you quickly setup all of the systems necessary to for marketing, sales and support, without any of the integration hassles of patching together a collection of point products.

FBP will grow with your business affordably, enabling you to carefully manage precious cash flow while the business grows.

Simply. Powerful.

Set it up. Push a button. Watch it work.

Its never been easier or more efficient to get work done.

Workflow and automation across ALL the modules – all the time.

Track all your marketing in one place


FIRE Business Platform™ will grow quickly through word-of-mouth and referrals. We want you to be a part of our success ! ! !  Join our Affiliate Program and help spread the word about FIREBusinessPlatform™ and make some money at the same time ! ! !

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a recurring commission of 15% over the lifetime of every customer that you refer. The program is absolutely free. There won’t be any binding contracts to sign.

FIREBusinessPlatform™ is forging the future of small business.

Saving time, money and driving improved execution through a single integrated solution for your front office.

Keep on the lookout for new features out soon.

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